Additional Options

A range of services which can be added to our normal services.
Driver ID Kit

A driver ID kit can be fitted alongside the tracking system which allows the system to determine who is driving the vehicle, this is done using a driver key which is presented when the ignition is turned on, this can be set up so the vehicle will not start without it or can just have a reminder buzzer. the system reporting can then be changed to report on each driver rather than each vehicle (no matter how many vehicles they have been in).
The driver Key can also be set to Private or Business mileage or can be used only for journeys done in in either mode.


Web Service

Competitive Tracking can supply clients with access to our API functionality within EasyTrack. This allows integration of our systems information with other software systems. We currently use this for integration with routing and scheduling systems, PDA job transfer, bespoke reporting and numerous one off functions for clients.

Panic Button

We are able to fit a panic button together with our vehicle tracking unit, this is a category one alert that when activated by the driver sends out multiple immediate Emails/Texts/Notifications to whomever has been set up to receive them. Main use for this feature is security vehicles or vehicles under threat. We also now have a remote Panic button which has a wireless link to the tracking unit and can be used as a loan worker panic alarm, this works up to 100 meters away from the tracking unit.

Business Private Mileage

This functionality can be fitted at the same time as the vehicle tracking unit and can be configured to differentiate between business and private mileage using the Driver ID key feature. This uses a dash board mounted key which can be presented before a journey to determine the journey type as well as the driver’s name. We can set the default to business mileage in which case the journey will be logged as a business one unless the key is presented (or vice versa). In some circumstances where a client has multi driver vehicles each driver can be allocated a business and a private key.

As part of the functionality in EasyTrack we can hide all private journey information altogether (except for mileage and trip times), give certain password access to the info to higher management or dump all private information altogether. We can also give the driver access to their own information on EasyTrack and can also give them the ability to change a private journey to a business one or vice versa.

As EasyTrack is so configurable our clients can decide how they want this facility to work.

Bespoke Reporting

Using the API feature within our EasyTrack system Competitive Tracking is able to set up bespoke reports for our clients requiring such a report. Please contact for more information or to discuss a required report.