Vehicle Cameras

For safety and Insurance reduction.
Available now but more info to come on the Site
Competitive Tracking are proud to be associated with Y3K Security and Camera Systems. We can now offer all our clients many products:

  • In Cab/Car forward facing camera that records the view from the windscreen. This unit also records any harsh forward, backward, sideways movements and also impacts, this data is kept separate from the main video recording and is easily downloadable to get a driver behaviour score.
  • Reversing cameras with a choice of in cab screens.
  • Side Cameras with or without in cab screen, all can be recorded and downloaded if required.
  • Camera can also be linked into one of our tracking units and respond to any alerts created.
We also specialise in full 360 camera systems with hard drive DVD's and up to 8 cameras.

If you require some more information please contactĀ or call us on 08454585628