Vehicle Tracking Explained

Track the movement of all your vehicles in real time

Simply, live tracking gives you real time access to the location of all your vehicles, where they are now, where they are heading for, how fast they are travelling and how far they are away from the next destination.

In addition to the above you are also given much more data, with updates 300 meters, every time a vehicle turns more than 45 degrees, when the vehicle harshly brakes, corners or accelerates, when the vehicle speeds and also on many other easily settable events.

All the above is not only in real-time but is also kept in history allowing access to many reports. You are able find out even more about your drivers’ behaviour, from who is speeding to whom often leaves the engine running. You can check overtime claims and run the payroll in minutes with automatic time sheet reporting. Stop unauthorised private use and monitor deviations in routes taken

Many of the above will show a return on investment in their own right but what about increasing your own customer service levels by having the information at hand when a client rings to see where your driver is. Other extremely useful information regarding “Duty of care” compliance can be useful and can also help to protect drivers and the company from accidents and corporate manslaughter legislation.

Too much information?

The amount of information that any business faces can be far too much. That’s why our vehicle tracking software, Spoton, is built to provide you with the information you need, with customisable alerts and easy to read reports exactly when and where you want them.

During the working day you can have access to the system but out of working hours the system also monitors the vehicles, once you have set the rules up the system will email and/or text you if any are rules are broken.