Remote Monitoring

Competitive Tracking has many other units which are used to remotely monitor in real time many different items and or functions. Viewed through our Easytrack system, you are able to set up alerts on pretty much everything so that you are immediately informed if any of your pre-set parameters are broken i.e. level reached, temperature gone above and or below. As our units communicate using multiple mobile networks, we do not need a phone line or in most cases power either so these can be placed in very remote areas if necessary.

We have units that can measure almost anything including temperature, silo/tank levels and subsidence, in fact as long as we can get an output from a measuring probe (many of which we can supply) we can monitor, alert on it and record it.

Typical examples of solutions we currently use these types of units for are:

Server room Temperature monitoring (alerting if high temp reached)
Freezer Temperature monitoring
Milk tank temperature (milk temp and wash out temp)
Washing machine temperature (washing regulations in industry)
Fridge monitoring
Silo Level monitoring (and alerting when certain level reached)
Tank level Monitoring
Water temperature monitoring (Legionella health and safety)
Crack movement monitoring
Flow measurement
Time measurement