Asset Tracking

Competitive tracking have a unit that can be covertly fitted and can either be powered by an external source or can run using its own battery that can last up to 5 years (dependant on update rate and movement).

This unit can be fitted to almost anything providing the same real time tracking and alerting via our EasyTrack software (we even have them in portable traffic lights and small generators).

All our clients have multi access on any internet PC, Android or IOS device to our EasyTrack software where the asset can be tracked in real time or historically on our full Google mapping system. Using the software, the client can also set up some alerts which can be sent via email, text or both if the client pre-set alerts are broken. Many different alerts can be set up i.e. if the asset moves out of set times, if the asset goes outside a client pre-set perimeter and many more. All the alerts get sent about 20 seconds after a perimeter or rule is broken.