This functionality can be fitted at the same time as the vehicle tracking unit and can be configured to differentiate between business and private mileage using the Driver ID key feature. This uses a dash board mounted key which can be presented before a journey to determine the journey type as well as the driver’s name. We can set the default to business mileage in which case the journey will be logged as a business one unless the key is presented (or vice versa). In some circumstances where a client has multi driver vehicles each driver can be allocated a business and a private key.

As part of the functionality in Spoton we can hide all private journey information altogether (except for mileage and trip times), give certain password access to the info to higher management or dump all private information altogether. We can also give the driver access to their own information on Spoton and can also give them the ability to change a private journey to a business one or vice versa.

As Spoton is so configurable our clients can decide how they want this facility to work.


Journies list showing Business and Private onesclick on image to make larger

Private-Business Mileage Reportclick on image to make larger