Working Time Directive (WTD) & Road Transport Directive (RTD)

Working Time Directive (WTD) & Road Transport Directive (RTD) – Under the new laws mobile workers will be restricted to an average working week of 48 hours per week over the agreed reference period, with no more than 60 hours to be worked in a single week.

Employers will need to carefully monitor the hours worked by their drivers and to avoid drivers running out of hours before the end of the reference period. Using the driver ID key system together with our reporting system employers are able to have an instant, real time view of what the driver has done and what hours are left within their driving period.
This is the ideal solution for all vehicle drivers and management. It allows you not only to meet with the new directives, but also be one jump ahead of the requirements for the WTD and Road Transport Directive.
A fully live, GPRS based, fixed cost tracking system has the additional benefits of increasing efficiency, enhancing your customer care and enable vast savings to be made within the business.

All data is kept within the EasyTrack software so covers you from the rule that legally the data has to be logged and stored for 2 years for WTD.

LINKS: Road Traffic Directive PDF