Personal Tracking has always been an extremely difficult product to manufacture. Due to the requirements for a strong GPS engine together with the unit being self powered means that the unit needs to be a certain size in order to hold the technology required to provide a reliable system and to also have enough power to be able to sustain it for the required length of time.

Competitive Tracking have all kinds of units with different configurations resulting in very varying lengths of battery life so that we can cover all of the requirements that come to us. Typical uses are:

    • Tracking loved ones, pets and items that could be thieved.
    • Tracking staff when delivering on foot, we do this for the leaflet delivery industry.
  • Tracking workers to prove to clients you have done the work, we do this for the road side maintenance industry

There are many uses some of which we haven’t been asked for yet, but at Competitive Tracking we can provide any type of tracking.